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More webhosts turn to coupons

As the economy slows down and investment in new business dries up, web hosts are feeling the financial pinch as fewer new customers sign up to launch their own web businesses.

Yet actually, because employment is so hard to find and wages are relatively flat compared to the last few decades (when things we MUCH cheaper!), it might actually be in the customer’s best interest to start up a website.

To encourage some euntreprenurial spirit among the American people, more web hosts are providing deep discounts in the form of coupon and promotional codes. These deals can help customers save money on the setup and subscription fees associated with hosting, or they can be applied toward domain registrations and account upgrades like secure certificates, unique IP addresses, and just about anything you can imagine.

So if you’re looking to start up a website – and there are really good economic reasons for doing so! – be sure to review your choices when it comes to coupon codes first. Without a coupon, you’ll just have to pay full price, and that just sounds silly when compared to the freely available alternative!

Hostgator Donates $100k for Haiti

Hostgator has a reputation as a great web host, but did you know that they’re also active with charitable causes?  This Hostgator announcement recently came across the PR wire:

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 28, 2010 — HostGator.com, a leading web hosting provider, announced on Thursday that it has donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development fund.

HostGator Houston, TX Office
HostGator Houston, TX Office

The donation is the sixth six-digit charitable donation HostGator has made in its eight year history and the third such donation to the American Red Cross.

Not only are you getting a great hosting product at a competitive price, you can also know that your money is occasionally going to help out worthy causes.

Oh yeah, did I mention that they’re also offsetting any of the carbon created by running those servers 24/7?  So its green, you help people who need a hand, and you get a product that is known for reliability and low prices.  What was the downside again?

Dreamhost Apple Promotion

Dreamhost is giving you a chance to win one of the new Apple tablets that everyone has been talking about recently.

1. The contest is open to US residents only anybody in the world (where not prohibited by law) who are not employees nor related to employees of DreamHost. No purchase necessary, you do not have to be a DreamHost customer to win.
2. You may enter the contest only once per day, starting today, January 27th, 2010…. days are counted based on the U.S. Pacific Time Zone.
3. To enter, simply post a “tweet” via twitter that includes the word DreamHost in it (upper case and content of tweet do not matter… but spelling does!).
4. The contest ends on the day we get 20 16GB Wifi iPads $10,000 worth of Apple Tablets physically in our possession. If by some miracle there ends up being no such thing as an Apple Tablet, the prize becomes $10,000 worth of whatever the hell Apple announces today instead.
5. At that time, we will randomly pick floor($10,000/$price_of_tablet)20 winners from the valid entries (we will be logging all tweets with “dreamhost” in them in the meantime) and contact them via twitter (from our @dreamhost account) to verify their eligibility.
6. And now, the final twist… a winner will be determined ineligible (and a replacement picked) if at ANY time between now and the end of the contest they have posted ANY tweet(s) with the term “fail” in it/them (or any clever alternative spelling)! “Failure” is fine. “Sucks” is fine. “Crappy” is fine. “Nightmare” is fine. Just not “fail”. Nor “#fail”. Nor even “@fail” (poor guy).

Read the full details here at Dreamhost’s official blog site and learn about how not failing can help turn hosting into a free computer for you.  Actually, you don’t even have to get the hosting!  But, if you are thinking about signing up for shared hosting or VPS services with Dreamhost, make sure you do so with a coupon so as to get the best price available.  No one likes paying full price, right?  So what’s better than a chance at a free computer and some incredibly cheap hosting services to get your sites online?

Someone will be winning a free computer, and it might just be you.  In the meantime, I’ll see ya on Twitter – and remember not to fail!

Hostgator hosts 50% more in 2009

Hostgator has recently announced that they’ve achieved 50% growth in their hosting business during 2009!  Despite a down economy (or perhaps because of it!), more people are looking forward to establishing their own online presence – and they’re trusting Hostgator to provide the hosting to keep them on the web.

For many years, Hostgator has provided hosting at a wide range of features and budgets.  Regardless of the site’s hosting needs, you’ll always be able to get just the right service you need without paying for disk space and bandwidth resources you don’t need.  In addition, Hostgator helps make it easy to navigate through the administration panels and install new software for your websites – even if you don’t have any particular experience in coding websites or designing in HTML.  Many content management systems can be installed automatically from a web-based interface and managed remotely in a user-friendly way.

If you’re ready to find out why Hostgator is one of the most respected brands in shared to dedicated hosting, be sure to sign up with a coupon in order to minimize your costs and save some cash during these tough times.  Building websites should actually help improve your financial situation, not drive you deeper in to debt and poverty!  Get started for just a few bucks a month, and you might even break a profit in just a few months of online advertising.

Green Host Coupon

Good news – you can get a good deal on web hosting without hurting the environment.

Many web host companies are going green with alternative energy, carbon offsets, and efficiency measures.

Hostgator is among the web hosts putting the environment first, and they’re offering a coupon code Green to celebrate. Dreamhost is also going green and they’ve put a lot of thought into building more efficient data centers.